filming for adult swim today

I am a showbiz person. anybody not in show business is a coward.

Is this the real Eddie!!

yes. this is my tumblr account- really haven’t done anything yet. is this the real anonymous?


The reality is we want comfort, and happiness to be our constant states of being. We always want to be someone, somewhere else. The social pressure of being delightful, gorgeous, monied all the bullshit that crushes our ability to just BE! We are not made for this constant running from one achievement to the next. We never accept ourselves in the deepest possible way because we have to live up to a bunch of bullshit dictated and passed down from one failed generation to the next. I say we all start wearing linen onesies and paint, eating fruits and veggies and grains. We reject the burgers and pizza of the morons who run, ruin and relegate us all to poverty of the spirit. 

I grew up in Brooklyn and Staten Island in NYC and at 53 I am finally off Prozac and other pharmaceuticals due to the evolution of my spirit.. yes I am still addicted to lots of things but I know they are empty, empty, empty, empty.. gone, gone, gone to the other side, gone forever. I am a comedian. Can I make a statement- it’s all very funny, funny is code for meaninglessness.